ABOUT US – Petite Barrette

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Petite Barrette provides you with top-quality hair accessories that will help you elevate you hair while maintaining it's optimal health.

Designed with all hair types in mind, our breakage and damage-free accessories are all a girl needs to look and feel her absolute best.


Founder, Mignonne who's a flight attendant noticed how much damage and breakage traditional hair ties we're causing her during 16 hours flights were she had to keep her hair up in tight buns and ponytail hairstyles. After experimenting with different types of hair accessories she soon realized that  scrunchies and claw clips allowed her to meet airline grooming standards while maintaining her hair health.

All our accessories were tested 30,000 ft in the air. If they can keep a flight attendant's hair in place during turbulence they can sure keep your looking fabulous all day long.